The 44th Avenue Rolling Red Knuckles are the coolest toughest girls on the planet. Are you cool enough to kick some ass with the Red Knuckles? Get Ready to Roll...

Rolling Red Knuckles Information

Set in the world 2030 where debt, corruption and trouble is everywhere a group of eight ex-Olympian gymnastics known as the Rolling Red Knuckles are just trying to live their lives. Trouble is always around the corner but these girls can take care of themselves. The girls aren't trying to fix the world, just survive in it..

Rolling Red Knuckles Entertainment

The Rolling Red Knuckles feature projects are about entertainment highlighting and redeveloping original art designed by Martin Emond across multiple platforms.

These tough girls in an unruly future make a great setting for an action game and is an obvious choice for multiple gaming platforms. Other opportunities such as TV and film are a possibility.

Game platforms include iPhone, iPad, PSP, PS3 and Xbox360.

Rolling Red Knuckles Developments

Rolling Red Knuckles is under license from the Martin Emond Estate. We're going to develop the game and are investigating developing this license further across other media platforms. Interested funders are welcome to inquire. Send an email to

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